About Us

Big Network is owned and operated by Bigfix Gadget Care Llp.
Our group activities include:

1. Retail Repair Network (www.bigfix.in) – We are growing a network of retail outlets through franchise & marketplace partnerships. We are currently operating 400+ outlets across India. We provide web/ mobile application for managing our Customer Care & Partner Care activities.

– Customer Care: https://goo.gl/ob148N – Android APP for Customers
(Modules: Order, Connect, Engage, Pay)

– Partner Care: https://goo.gl/0juWoF – Android APP for Partners
(Modules: Onboarding, KYC, CRM, Repair Management, Inventory, Billing & Analytics)

2. Installation and Field Services (www.bignxt.in) – We undertake doorstep installation, fixing and troubleshooting of all Smart Devices.

3. Skilling Services (www.bigacademy.in) – is our training division. As an affiliate of Telecom Skill Sector Council, we are identifying and empowering telecom technicians for multiple job roles.

4. Trading Services (www.bigbuy.in) – is our E-Trade B2B portal used to supply spareparts, tools and other materials to our partners.

5. Support Services: We operate a Multilingual call centre providing online technical support to customer & partners.

6. Bigfix Factory: We are building a state of art L3/L4 factory for repair of telecom equipments.